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San Diego County Charge: Out of county resident charged with felony assault and battery involving multiple victims and great bodily and serious injuries Result: Verdict, Not Guilty on All 7 counts of Assault and Battery with Great Bodily Injury and Multiple Strikes.San Diego County Charge: 69 year old man driving under the influence of methamphetamine onto oncoming traffic Result: Hung Jury and District Attorney Dismissed DUI San Diego County Charge: Mother of two evading police in hit and run charge with serious bodily injury Result: District Attorney Dismissed after Successful Line-Up Motion San Diego County Charge: Juvenile charged with running over her ex boyfriend at high school Result: Court Dismissed case after Argument Made In Mitigation San Diego County Charge: Spouse arrested for domestic violence after 911 calls and pictures of serious bodily injury Result: District Attorney Dismissed at Trial San Diego County Charge: Military member arrested for assault and battery Result: Court Dismissed after successful argument for Military Diversion San Diego Federal Charge: 19-year-old student charged with Alien Smuggling Result: Case Dismissed after negotiations with US Attorney

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The New York Times Discovers Harvey Weinstein Paid Off at Least Eight Sexual Harassment Accusers

Published: Oct 16, 2017

The New York Times has recently published previously undisclosed sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein, a renowned Hollywood movie producer. Earlier this month, Mr. Weinstein was terminated from The Weinstein Company after the details...

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Las Vegas Shooting Reopens Debate on Stricter Gun Control at Federal Level

Published: Oct 09, 2017

The recent Las Vegas, Nevada mass shooting is already considered the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history. With 59 people murdered and hundreds injured, the horrible event raised a number of issues but one in particular: the need for...

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Can a Crime Victim ''Press'' and ''Drop'' a Criminal Charge?

Published: Sep 28, 2017

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding the San Diego criminal justice system is that an alleged crime victim has the direct power to ''drop the charges'' against the abuser. It is not uncommon for a victim, also referred to as a complaining...

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Juvenile Justice-Reform Bills Passed by CA Legislature

Published: Sep 19, 2017

On September 15, 2017, the California legislature adopted two bills jointly authored by State Sens. Ricardo Lara and Senator Holly J. Mitchell, by which major legislative changes have been introduced to the juvenile justice system. The newly approved...

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Case Dismissed Against Doctor Being Falsely Accused of Assault and Battery

Published: Jul 25, 2017

Last month San Diego criminal defense lawyer Vik Monder had the privilege of representing a doctor in the community who was being accused of assault and battery against a disgruntled handyman. The case was being prosecuted in the Vista Courthouse....

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Case Dismissed Against Young Military Member in San Diego Claiming his Innocence From the Very Beginning

Published: Jul 18, 2017

This month Attorney Vik Monder has the privilege of representing an innocent man that proclaimed his innocence from the beginning even when the judge raised the bail over $100,000 and his life would have taken a very dark path if handled differently. ...

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$1 Million Dollar Bail Set For Carmel Mountain Shooting in San Diego

Published: Jul 05, 2017

  Julio Riel Narvaez faces charges for a felony count of attempted murder and another felony count of assault with a firearm. Mr. Narvaez has plead not guilty. Mr. Narvaez allegedly shot a fellow employee in the head, with a .22 caliber hand gun, at...

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Local San Diego Gang Members Indicted on Money Laundering Charges

Published: Jul 05, 2017

  Federal officers on June 25th announced a year long investigation involving the Grape Street Crips leading to the indictments of 22 people. The majority of the people indicted were in custody on Wednesday with arrests made in the Mid-South and...

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Understanding the Manson Follower Parole Hearing

Published: Jun 27, 2017

Patricia Krenwinkel is a former Charles Manson follower back in the 1960’s. Ms. Krenwinkel is looking to be paroled this week. Her hearing has been set and will be underway. This will be the 13th time Ms. Krenwinkel has faced the parole board and it...

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Miles Teller Arrested in San Diego For Public Intoxication

Published: Jun 27, 2017

Miles Teller, an actor who has starred in War Dogs, Footloose, and The Divergent Series, was arrested in San Diego the other day for public intoxication. Mr. Teller was down in San Diego to visit friends and send off one who would be deployed soon....

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You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future.